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  By Dennis Finocchiaro

Can I just say how excited I am for this book? Yes, it’s true, I’m biased. I edited the book and publicized it to the Philadelphia area; it is sort of a child to me. But after collecting all of those stories and sitting down, I found myself inspired by the creativity and excellent writing of people in the Philadelphia locale.

For those of you who don’t know, Anthology Philly started as a contest. Locals of the area were invited to submit short stories and the only rule was that they live somewhere in Philadelphia or in the immediate suburbs. The overflow of stories was surprising. We received about fifty submissions (and many, many more inquiries) and I had quite a pile of reading to do before choosing not only the winners, but also the stories that deserved publication.

As a fellow creative writer, I can find any genre interesting if the story is told right, if the imagery pours the author’s setting into my head and the characters are engaging. Genre matters not to me, but what I loved most about these stories is the range in genres that we received. The final collection of AP includes horror, drama, romance, comedy, and of course beautiful syntheses of multiple types.

And that’s what I think makes AP unique. It has something to offer for every reader. Enjoy horror? Then check out Robert Angelo Masciantonio’s story of a young killer moving into the neighborhood. Enjoy drama? Then your best bet would be Alisha Ebling’s story of the broken relationship of an estranged husband and wife. Want something with a little fantasy and magic? Then of course, the first story in Anthology Philly by Erica and Kim Minutella is for you.

And so, I hope you, dear readers, find the feeling of extreme anticipation that I do when I think about this book and its upcoming release, which should be early March. WragsInk should be proud of this one.

Dennis Finocchiaro is the author of The Z Word, a collection of flash fiction that takes place during the zombie apocalypse, Capturing a Moment, a collection of flash fiction typed onto vintage photographs and is the editor of the upcoming release Anthology Philly. You can also read some of his stories on his blog.

WragsInk is also having a similar contest for poets in the Philadelphia area. If you or someone you know lives there and writes poems, please ask for more information by emailing Phillyfictioncontest [at] gmail [dot] com. The book, Anthology Philly, has since been released and is available on Amazon if you don’t live in the area.

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Me __? Never

by Rich Rugby

My jealousy’s

a full-bodied me

with eyes reflecting all my insecurities.

 It turns

good deeds to malice

Laps me up

with lonely fevers

and I hate tosayconsumes

but I think it does sometimes             e    r   u         pt

within me a




I cannot stand to want to control

Its stomach

the only clear distinction between me and he

is large

bloated through that obscene envy

and every breath I take

fills it

with distrust as I in defense build walls around

my self my

lips are

but his are ash ridden silver plates

that show my desires through smokeless clouds

leaving streaks

on my walls

leaving the scar

on my leg

that still burns knife red

when it rains


its cold toes touch the ground in front of me

and its fingernails

dark green infected growth

are bitten down to the flesh

s i    e   ved

to my numb core

bitten through fresh blood

soaked down my throat

black and red in its new oxygen

its inanity eating my sense

eating flesh as I pull through the print

eats flesh when we cross the road

eats flesh dark and impure.

Raw bone


inward into me

and I bite back into it

in order to free the clotted knots

around the canker

it’s hands clutch like reverberating thunder

my untrained rib bends metal around my arms

and I shake against its cool clutch

trying to wriggle me

loose and lose

I slither I’m lost to its grip (I’m cold I shake I must get free)… …

Just in time to lean forward


open the door for you and him And I’m watching you walk off into the sun set like in those movies I once heard you say youlove.

Me? nah I never get jealous: You?

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So we’ll be publishing our first Anthology series next year and won’t start collecting poems/haiku’s/prose until mid December, but until then we wanted to give people a chance to start getting ideas flowing so every time you see this pre-submit tag feel free to reply with some of you own similar (or even different) poems about love, lust, lose, whatever.

The actual submit period will be around Christmas time, until then let’s get this going, it doesn’t matter how good or bad, let’s just read and write. 

If you have poems you think are good enough add em to the comment section or email wragsink.com for ways to get ur work to us earlier. 




Circumference of the Sea
by Rich Rugby

Her body sliced against me,
like some cold inanimate thing

pulling me closer into her palm prints
the new patterns in my world.

It would be easy to say that
she more than anyone in it

deserves the time to create her own new
and impermeable space

but her love is like the Circumference of the Sea

and I can only swim her channels,
towards whatever unending disaster

I may drown in…

…In the end it never hurts to just close your eyes every once in a while, and see where the current leads you.


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